Automotive Manufacturing Automation

Automakers and part suppliers know that adding intelligent components to the manufacturing process is valuable on multiple fronts. know that complete process control equates to savings. Maintaining a competitive advantage in a global market is accomplished through precision, high-efficiency, flexibility, and integration. Our experience in automating manufacturing, assembly, and verification processes will save you time and money and maximize uptime.

Fitz-Thors Engineering is an expert in process control


A proven track record supporting Alabama’s automotive industry.

For 12 years, our niche has been your needs. If your business needs it, we can build it. We handle all size projects from large-scale conveyor and assembly systems to custom lifts, jigs, and tools. We have turn-key solutions such as vision verification stands and robotic cells, plus flame-treating cells.

As the automotive sector has grown in the southeast, we have been fortunate to fulfill the growing needs of automakers such as Mercedes, Honda, plus suppliers, like Brose, WKW, and Metalsa.


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