Fitz-Thors at Crimson Racing Sponsor Day

Fitz-Thors at Crimson Racing Sponsor Day

A long time sponsor of Crimson Racing, Fitz-Thors traces its own origins back to the program. Company founders Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors were first acquainted when they signed up to join the team as engineering students. “This is a program that provides real-world experience like no other. Having gone through it ourselves, we know that anyone who comes through this program will possesss invaluable, real-world, professional engineering skills. . ."

ABB's YuMi - The Future of Collaborative Robotics

One main focus within the robotic industry is how to make robotics systems that can safely work side by side with humans. ABB is on the forefront of this technology with the two arm robotic platform they call YuMi. Fitz-Thors Engineering was fortunate to be one of the few partners selected by ABB to distribute and integrate this product. We look forward to the many opportunities to help manufacturers become more efficient and profitable by integrating collaborative robotics into their manufacturing process.

We currently have a demo unit at our facility in Bessemer, AL. If you are interested in seeing a live demo, please contact us to schedule a visit. We are excited about the capabilities of this technology and look forward to the automation opportunities it presents.

For more information and technical details on YuMi, please visit ABB's website.

NASA Robotic Mining Competition

Fitz-Thors Engineering would like to congratulate
The University of Alabama Astrobotics
team for taking the top prize, the Joe Kosmo Award for Excellence, for the second year in a row at the
NASA Robotic Mining Competition
held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The team, comprised of select students from across multiple engineering disciplines, were challenged to build a robot capable of autonomously navigating and excavating simulated Martian soil. Alabama Astrobotics placed first in the categories of mining, autonomy, and technical presentation. This is the team's third win in the competition's seven-year history, and they are the first team to finish in first place more than once (2012, 2015, and 2016). The team also finished second in 2014 and third in 2013. Fitz-Thors Engineering is proud to be a sponsor of the Alabama Astrobotics team and would like to wish them the best of luck in their newest challenge, NASA's upcoming 2016 Sample Return Robot Challenge.

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2016 Capstone Engineering Society Outstanding Senior Award

Fitz-Thors Engineering would like to congratulate Stephen Peter Rowe on receiving The University of Alabama’s 2016 Capstone Engineering Society Outstanding Senior Award. This award is given to one outstanding student out of the eleven programs in the College of Engineering. Stephen Peter interned with us during the summer of 2014 and is one of the many students we have employed at Fitz-Thors Engineering. Our co-op and intern program gives students the chance to gain real world experience in the field of engineering. We wish Stephen Peter the best in all his future endeavors.

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ABB Robotics Application Profile

The flame treating robotic cell we designed and built for Eissmann Group Automotive has been featured in an ABB Robotics Application Profile. See below for the video and official press release.

For nearly 50 years, Eissmann Group Automotive has specialized in supplying high-end leather trim and automotive interior components for virtually all the well-known manufacturers in the automotive industry.

The recent design and installation of a robotic flame-treating cell in Eissmann’s Pell City, Alabama facility is representative of the company's attention to detail, and the drive to continually improve manufacturing processes.

When Eissmann realized that that they needed a robotic solution, they consulted with Fitz-Thors Engineering in Bessemer, Alabama, a designer of manufacturing automation systems and a certified ABB Robotics value provider.

The ultimate solution that Fitz-Thors designed for Eissmann cleverly flame treats interior parts such as dashboards for some of the world's most recognizable vehicles - including Corvettes and the Tesla Model S, as seen in the video - in order to get them ready for gluing on fabrics, leathers, padding and other such material required for high-end vehicles.

The robotic flame treatment solution has reduced flame treatment time from 2 minutes per part when treated manually to 10 seconds when treated with the robot. In addition it is 100% consistent which means better adhesion of the surface materials to the plastic substrate.