nspekt Vision Systems

Turn-key Vision Inspection and Labeling

Fitz-Thors Engineering developed the nSpekt Series (patent pending) to meet the growing demand in manufacturing for a turn-key solution that provides dynamic product verification along with automated product labeling. Combining these two processes saves time, prevents problem outflow, and allows customers to trace finished goods through an individual identification label.

The nSpekt system’s configurable resolution imaging capability (up to 21MP) validates part quality, count, color, shape, and other quality metrics. Saved images can be linked to a unique serial number, build time and date, operator, customer, or other metadata. This capability creates a database of high-resolution images of product conditions and ensures that no product leaves the manufacturer’s facility without meeting required specifications. The nSpekt system’s stored images and data provide a clear solution for resolving potential quality disputes with downstream customers.

The nSpekt equipment line offers several options depending on your packaging needs and current manufacturing process.

Options include:


Vision System Platforms

  • Imaging - Keyence (up to 21MP) and/or Cognex Vision Platforms

  • Inspection Tools – Keyence and Cognex inspection tools within software packages (color, pattern, shape, count, defect inspection, barcode reading, optical character recognition (OCR))

  • Image FTP to users server

  • Database of inspection results and part identification

Printer and Labeling Systems

  • OEM Print Engines: SATO or ZEBRA

  • Tamp application of label up to 1 meter extension of tamp head (accommodating various package widths)

  • Various label sizes

  • RFID label capability

  • Single or multiple side print and apply

Current Models

  • nSpekt 1542 – 1500mm width, 42 MP total imaging for inspection

  • nSpekt 821 – 800mm width, 21MP total imaging for inspection



  • Conveyor delivery and removal of packages

  • Robotic palletizing

  • Custom user interface and display specific to manufacturer


  • Automotive tier suppliers

  • Medical device packaging

  • Pharmaceutical, logistics

  • High value goods packaging

  • Automated inspection and palletizing

  • Automated labeling

  • Shipping validation