Robotics Integration


You're a master at your process, but you need reliable expertise in the robotics arena. Where do you start? The answer is simple; Fitz-Thors Engineering! Our highly skilled development team will work closely with you, utilizing your expertise in your processes, to design and implement a system from concept to production. We have the capability of building and testing at our facility so that we can provide a turn-key product to you. Our drive is providing unique but solid solutions for your common, and maybe not-so-common, applications.

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Our team is flexible when it comes to the robotic system you want to use. Typically we choose the platform that you are already familiar with and have the staff to support. Don't have a preference? We will evaluate your application in-depth to determine the right platform for the job.


Fitz-Thors' robotic experience ranges across numerous industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Foundry
  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Plastics


Fitz-Thors utilizes the latest CAD software in order to accurately and quickly provide fully-functioning and tested systems before they ever leave our shop floor. ABB's RobotStudio is a true CAD to path software which allows us to program the robot's path in real-world measurements. This allows us to make minor program modifications once the robotic system is delivered to your facility. It greatly reduces the install time and allows adjustments to be made much more quickly and accurately.


Safety is always a major concern when robotic systems are brought into the conversation, which is why we design with safety in mind. We pull from a wide variety of safety products including safety PLCs, safety fencing, light curtains, area scanners, gate latches, and more to ensure your employees and equipment are out of harm's way.