Automation & Controls


If you have a dated or inefficient manufacturing or industrial process that is affecting your bottom line, Fitz-Thors can transform it- revolutionizing the way you do business. Whether you are looking to reduce material waste, eliminate unnecessary or undesirable positions, or improve process time and throughput, we can provide you with the custom solution you're searching for. Our engineers are equipped to design, build, program, and install a system that can increase output, reduce costs, and give you a competitive edge. Our expertise is across many automation discplines, plus we can interface with leading-edge automation providers including Siemens and Allen-Bradley. No project is too complex, and we can work within any hardware restrictions you may have.

Turnkey Solutions

From consulting to design to service and support, Fitz-Thors offers the expertise to define and implement turnkey solutions to solve your toughest automation challenges.

Process Development

Can’t find a stock solution? Fitz-Thors will design a custom solution to adapt to your process. Using 3D solid modeling and simulation software, you will rest easy knowing that your solution has been thoroughly tested and proven to work before being commissioned at your location.

Design for Manufacture

We will analyze your process and work closely with you to design your ideal solution based on your wants and needs.

Accelerated Projects

Something holding up your process? We will help you find a quick solution to get you running again.

Controls Integration


Fitz-Thors’ skilled professionals are experienced in integrating the latest controls technology into existing systems. From embedded microcontrollers to complete process control, we have a solution that will benefit you. Our database specialists can design a system to use production data to analyze trends and communicate it real-time in order to enhance production line efficiencies.

Assembly Systems

An automated assembly system will allow you to speed up your process and reduce human error. Whether you want to automate an entire process or a portion of the process, Fitz-Thors has the experience and know-how to handle your needs.

Test Systems

Fitz-Thors Engineering has extensive experience in designing and building custom test solutions and is considered our specialty. Our solutions ensure your products will meet or exceed your intended quality goals.

Vision Systems

Take advantage of current vision technology to ensure your products are meeting your quality standards.

Test Systems

We ensure the accuracy of our systems and offer continual support after installation.

Automated PCB Functional Test Systems

Functional Product Testing

Custom Machine Building

Fitz-Thors Engineering can provide solutions for any of your custom machinery needs. Our company specializes in complete solution development. We work with our clients to design the solution that best suits their needs. We then design, build, and install the system as a turn-key solution. We have experience in developing machines for custom assembly lines, function testing, quality testing, robot end effectors, and robotic assembly cells.

Fitz-Thors specializes in building custom industrial equipment. Next time you find yourself thinking “Surely someone makes a machine that will do that…” only to find that no one does, Fitz-Thors will design and build you a custom solution that will fit your budget.

Standard System Platforms