Textile Manufacturing Automation

Textile manufacturers know that complete process control equates to cost-per-meter savings. Maintaining a competitive advantage in a global market is accomplished through precision, high-efficiency, flexibility, and integration. Our experience in automating textile manufacturing processes will save you time and money and maximize uptime.

Fitz-Thors Engineering is an expert in process control


Efficiency and Flexibility

lower cost-per-meter; reduced waste water and environmental impact; continuous processes will have maximum uptime; energy savings; better production rates for spinning, creeling, beaming, weaving, and fabric and textile processing

Precision and Uniformity

adhering to the highest quality standards means monitoring fiber diameter; temperature and tension control in fiber extrusion

Quality Control Tracking

Process monitoring and capturing for validation

Predictive Maintenance

Maintain constant process uptime for your plant machines. Maintenance awareness. . . via self-diagnostics; safety systems for workers;


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