About Us

Our company specializes in design-build engineering projects and high-precision manufacturing services. Founded in 2007, we serve customers needing complex solutions and equipment, designed and custom-built for their specific business objective. Solutions range from small specialized tooling needs, to large-scale, full assembly and production line builds. Projects typically support or establish a manufacturing process and involve engineering design, concept simulation & prototyping, machining & fabrication, automation & programming, finishing with implementation, and installation.


When manufacturers need to ramp up or stay competitive in their markets, we design solutions to maximize efficiency and quality, while improving safety for employees. Additionally, if someone has an idea for a new product or technology, we can help design, prototype, and refine the concept into a finished product, ready to go to market. Our goal every day is to add value through engineering design and manufacturing expertise, with a focus on solving problems and bringing ideas to reality.

Made up of a broad and expanding range of industries, our clients share a need to maximize processes through superior efficiency. Our clients include companies in the automotive, steel manufacturing, and product development markets.

In order to attract and retain the highest qualified professionals, our employees receive first-class training, benefits, and a positive work atmosphere. The talent and tenacity of our people have allowed Fitz-Thors Engineering to become known as the go-to firm for complex challenges and a recognized market leader in our field.


Matthew Fitzgerald, P.E.


Matt holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alabama and is licensed to practice as a Registered Professional Engineer. He has been recognized for his excellence in engineering by The Engineering Council of Birmingham and USA Today. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Matt gained extensive experience in engineering design and project management from his involvement in various industries including aerospace, automotive, power generation and transmission, industrial manufacturing, and government agencies in defense and safety.


Arnar Thors


Arnar holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alabama. While working towards his master’s degree, he was in charge of the design, development, and testing of a hydrogen internal combustion engine. Arnar worked in several industries before deciding to become an entrepreneur, giving him a broad range of knowledge and experience in the areas of crude oil refining, medical product development, race car design and development, and the manufacturing of cast iron pipe, steel pipe, and electronics. Arnar ensures he stays current with the latest advanced design tools, allowing him to minimize design time, lower overhead cost, and virtually eliminate design mistakes.


At Fitz-Thors Engineering, we are privileged to be able to work with such a diverse and distinguished group of companies across different industries. We would like to learn more about YOUR manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn how our team of engineers, programmers, machinists, and fabricators can add value to your company through improved quality, increased throughput, enhanced safety, and better traceability.

Let us help enhance your manufacturing process to create valuable ROI. We thrive on challenging and complex projects and hope that you would consider us an immediate or future resource to address your industrial needs.