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Design-to-Build Solutions for Manufacturing

Fitz-Thors Engineering has been helping companies achieve their manufacturing goals since 2007. Our team of seasoned engineers brings inter-disciplinary expertise and advanced technology to bear in building custom solutions for your business production needs. We have extensive experience in optimizing manufacturing production lines and assembly/work stations through automation, robotics, and custom machine building. We also help customers design new products and improve upon existing ones. Talk to us today about your product manufacturing needs.

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Services and Capabilities

Comprehensive, Innovative, On-Time, On-Budget

Fitz-Thors Engineering specializes in providing custom, innovative, solutions for our customers. Our comprehensive services can take you from an abstact concept to a tangible product. We can transform an inefficient factory process to an updated and optimzed system that increases production and improves your bottom line. Our customers will receive superior service in evaluating their existing equipment and processes while providing the lowest-cost, highest-quality service with the optimum use of technology for your budget. We rise to the challenge to meet your needs when an off-the-shelf solution simply is not available.