Fitz-Thors Engineering is a distributor for all MayTec aluminum extrusion and product solutions. Many of the standard extrusion profiles are kept in inventory at our location in Bessemer, Alabama. With the use of MayTec's FREE software it is now simpler than ever to design your custom solutions.

Whether simply placing an order for MayTec parts or having Fitz-Thors Engineering create a custom solution for you from scratch, we are your place for all MayTec needs.


MayTec Designs

At Fitz-Thors Engineering we take pride in creating the best custom solutions to fit your needs. MayTec has allowed us to quickly create these solutions at a reasonable pricing. Here are a few examples of Fitz-Thors Engineering solutions using MayTec parts.

Fitz-Thors is an authorized distributor of MayTec aluminum extrusion profile and framing systems.

MayTec is lightweight and easy to design and build. Use MayTec for a permanent structure or temporary one. The flexible and modular assembly makes it easy to modify and setup and breakdown at anytime.

Common applications include custom workstations, conveyors, industrial framing, machine housings, indoor-outdoor structures, mobile carts, shelving, displays, and trade show booths. While lightweight, MayTec is extremely rigid, strong, and stable.

If you can imagine it, it can be built with MayTec. Free CAD design software can be downloaded from our website. We are also happy to help you with design, custom cutting, and kit assembly.