Factory Automation & Machine Vision


Automating a process can be imperative for increased demand and/or quality-control and safety measures. Other benefits from an automated industrial solution are rapidly achieved through increased throughput and by multiplying human productivity capacity - with proven ROI results. 

Precision, quality-control, productivity, consistency, verification, and SAFETY. We understand your needs, and are ready to design, build, and install a custom solution to meet the goals of your team and operation.

Let us understand your process, challenges, and ROI objectives. We’ll show you how automation can add value to your business, make a better product, and elevate your people.

Whether you are looking to reduce material waste or improve process time and throughput, we can meet the challenges with our design-build expertise and deliver a custom solution to your factory floor.


We can design, build, and install a custom automated system to improve any aspect of your manufacturing process. Below are some additional services offered in this area.

Vision Systems
Accuracy and verification of your product are critical both for end-user safety and your bottom line. Take advantage of current vision technology to ensure your products are meeting your quality standards. Fitz-Thors Engineering can integrate a vision system into your current process to help ensure that your production specifications are being achieved. Click here to learn more.

Consulting / Analysis
Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineers can assess any industrial process and identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to help you decide the best path forward.

Collaborative Universal Robot, Pick and place, Ultrasonic welding, Automotive part, Fitz-Thors Engineering, Birmingham, AL

Design for Manufacture
We will analyze your process and work closely with you to design your ideal solution based on your wants and needs.

Process Development / Validation
Using 3D solid modeling and simulation software, we can virtually construct your solution for thorough testing, configuration, tuning, and validation before moving to the build phase. 

Controls Integration
Our skilled professionals are experienced in integrating the latest controls technology into existing systems. From embedded microcontrollers to complete process control, we have a solution that will benefit you. Our database specialists can design a system to use production data to analyze trends which can be relayed in real-time to enhance production line efficiencies.

Automated vision verification and labelling for industrial fuse manufacturer, Fitz-Thors Engineering, Birmingham, AL

Assembly Systems
An automated assembly system will allow you to speed up your process and reduce human error. Whether you want to automate an entire process or a portion of the process, Fitz-Thors has the experience and know-how to handle your needs.

Test Systems
Fitz-Thors Engineering has extensive experience in designing and building custom test solutions. Our solutions ensure your products will meet or exceed your intended quality goals. Standard testing methods include automated PCB Functional Test Systems and Functional Product Testing.


Custom Machine Building
Very often, a turn-key industrial equipment or machine solution does not exist to benefit your business process. Whether for assembly lines, function testing, quality testing, robot end effectors, or robotic assembly cells, we can build a custom machine to automate any operational task your business requires.

Turn-Key Solutions
From consulting to design to service and support, Fitz-Thors is a one-stop-shop for expertise in defining and implementing comprehensive solutions to solve your toughest automation challenges.

Standard System Platforms

We have perfected certain indsutrial processes that can be scaled and tailored for your needs. The preliminary research and development we have done for these processes translates to cost and time savings for your company. 

Accelerated Projects

Something holding up your process?

We will help you find a quick solution to get you running again.

Fitz-Thors Commitment:

To provide high-precision solutions and exceptional service with the most advanced technology available.

Service and Support
We stand behind the solution we build for your company, and we will offer continual support after installation.

Beyond Industry Standards
As a licensed Professional Engineering firm, Fitz-Thors interfaces with leading-edge automation providers including Siemens and Allen-Bradley. Our engineers and technicians are trained in and seek out the latest equipment and software.