Robotics Solutions


To maintain a competitive edge, certain processes must meet the requirements that only a robotics solution can provide: Speed, Continuity, Throughput, Efficiency, Precision, Quality, and SAFETY.


Our automation engineers will work with your team to understand your goals and design custom robotic tooling to meet your process requirements.


High Handling-Capacity Robotic Solutions

Industrial robotics installations often involve high-capacity payloads with hazardous tooling. These robotic work cells must be enclosed, with automatic worker safety precautions such as light curtains to stop the process when triggered.


Collaborative and Cooperative Robots

Manufacturing processes often involve workers directly interfacing with the robotic operation. In these cases, we design an integration solution using “collaborative” or “human collaborative” robots with power-force and speed limitations programmed to ensure the safety of workers in proximity.


We design and build a custom end-of-arm robotic tooling solution that is essential to automating your unique process.


KUKA, Pick and Pack Industrial Robot, Fitz-Thors Engineering, Birmingham, AL

We can handle it.

  • Parts Assembly

  • Machine Tending

  • Material Handling

  • Picking - Placing

  • Palletizing

  • Assembly / Production Lines

  • Robotic Welding

  • Inspection / Verification

Robotics Partners

Fitz-Thors Engineering is partnered with robotics industry leaders to provide our customers first-rate automated solutions. Our team of engineers starts by selecting the robot arm base model that best suits the tooling, payload capacity, and operations unique to the custom solution we develop for your process and environment.


Fitz-Thors is an ABB Robotics Authorized Value Provider

ABB offers many different robot models, sized and configured to suit a wide range of industrial applications. We have employed ABB robots in projects involving flame-treating automotive parts to handling and packaging heavy materials.

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment, and complete application solutions.

  • Installed more than 300,000 robots in 53 countries

  • Range of robots to help manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety

  • Collaborative and Human Collaborative (Cooperative) robotics pioneer

  • Automotive, Building construction, General Manufacturing, Metals, Plastics & Rubber, ASS Assembly, MAH Material Handling, PAC Packing, PAL Palletizing

Fitz-Thors is an Official KUKA Robotics Systems Partner

KUKA offers industrial robots in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches. We have installed custom end-of-arm solutions on KUKA robots large and small in a variety of industries including automotive, construction, and textiles.

The spectrum of KUKA products also includes the appropriate robot peripheral equipment – from linear units to end effectors.

  • Cutting-edge software and innovative controllers

  • Capable of maximum speeds behind safety barrier work cell systems

  • Mobile solution for your “Industry 4.0” requirements

  • Direct collaboration between humans and machines in (human-robot collaboration) HRC operation

Fitz-Thors is a Universal Robots Preferred Partner

Universal Robots (UR) is focused on making the latest collaborative robot technology available for task-based processes within businesses of size. In industries ranging from automotive to chemicals, we have installed systems with a UR robot working right alongside humans.

With a Universal Robots robot arm, you can automate and streamline repetitive or potentially unsafe processes, so staff can be assigned to jobs that provide them with new challenges.

  • Three different collaborative robots are easily integrated into existing production environments.

  • Six articulation points and a wide scope of flexibility, these collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm.

  • Automate and streamline repetitive and monotonous processes.

  • Can be used by all levels of production staff to help increase productivity, reduce injury, and boost morale.

Fitz-Thors is a YASKAWA Motoman® Robotic System Integrator 

Yaskawa Motoman has a complete line of robotic arms from high-payload industrial to collaborative, laboratory, and education models. We have worked recently with GP35L Extended-Reach, Six-Axis General Purpose Robots for textile manufacturing applications.

Backed by parent company Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Yaskawa Motoman provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application.

  • Over 400,000 Motoman® robots are installed worldwide 

  • High-speed industrial robots include high-payload, extended-reach, seven-axis and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots

  • Applications include: Arc & Spot Welding, Assembly, Dispensing, Painting, Palletizing, Part Transfer, Pick and Place, Press/Forming

  • Product line includes more than 150 distinct industrial arm, collaborative, delta and SCARA robot models, plus a full-line of complete, pre-engineered, application-specific robotic systems